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RСM-SYSTEMS is a leading provider of maintenance management systems, risk management, and equipment efficiency solutions for the energy, oil & gas, transportation, and other industries. Founded in 2007, our team of experts has extensive experience in developing and implementing these solutions
It’s included in the register of Russian software
7 Intellectual property certificates
A Russian company with a 17-year history
7.5+ billion rubles saved for our customers
Our company offers a full range of services for managing production assets, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and standards. If your business depends on the reliable operation of technological equipment, we are ready to help
Outlook, market coverage and development path
We do not create "any" information systems. We have focused our attention on studying the problems of operating and maintaining production assets and finding solutions to them. This approach allows us to claim to have exceptional specialization in this area
The software packages that we use as the foundation for our solutions are our own, domestic, development, which gives us a certain flexibility in working with each Client
All of our development work is carried out in accordance with globally accepted and domestic standards and methodologies
Compliance with Standards
the team

Key personnel

Sergej Temchenko
12+ asset management, MRO, and reliability system implementation projects
Chief Technology Officer
Konstantin Pivovarov
30+ enterprise, B2B, and B2C system development and implementation projects
Chief Executive Officer
Business Development Director
Aleksandr Mironovich
Yurij Laptev
14+ years of experience implementing information systems for government and industrial clients
30+ projects in system integration, consulting, and information system development
Head of Support
Aleksandr Kvetnoj
15+ years of experience in IT infrastructure and energy sector project implementation
Project Manager, RMR
Aleksandr Svistunov
15+ asset management and MRO system implementation projects
Head of Development
Head of Analytics, C.T.S.
Aleksej Tsoi
Roman Chertov
30+ years of experience
20+ years of experience implementing energy efficiency, reliability, and MRO systems
Completed projects
Audit of information systems and development of the concept of the production asset management system of PJSC TGC-1.
Result: readiness to automate the operation and maintenance processes.
Creation of a classification methodology and a database of fixed assets
Result: readiness for automation of operation and maintenance processes
Automated control system for the car repair depot.
Result: an increase in the inter-repair mileage by 30%
Creation of a classification methodology and a database of fixed assets
Result: readiness for automation
of operation and maintenance processes
Managing the integrity and reliability of TNK-BP's energy supply.
Result: reduction of emergency
losses by 19%
Optimization of operational activities, development of equipment maintenance strategies.
Result: reduced maintenance costs by 14%
"Automated Control System Diagnostics" — Subsystems for conducting Diagnostics and OTS of the UNES equipment as part of the
automated MRO management system of JSC FGC UES
Result: readiness for automation
of operation and maintenance processes
Development of a methodology for assessing the technical condition and risks of electric grid equipment.
Result: a methodological basis for the potential reduction of emergency losses.
Energy supply reliability management system.
Result: reduction of maintenance costs up to 30%
Upstream power equipment reliability management system.
Result: eduction of emergency losses by 15%
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