Energy efficiency and carbon footprint management

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About the solution

Enterprise energy management information system with the ability to calculate the carbon footprint (ESG). The solution allows you to automate the processes of planning and monitoring the implementation of measures to reduce energy consumption. Using the system, you can automate the collection and processing of data on energy consumption, automatically distribute energy consumption by processes, create an action plan and monitor its progress, conduct energy and factor analysis, manage tariffs and conduct benchmarking, register the carbon footprint and generate ESG reporting.


  • Energy efficiency management program

  • Energy review

  • Bank of ideas

Energy Efficiency Program:

Map of optimization suggestions, planning of costs and effects from their implementation, performance monitoring, calculation of actual effects, actual versus expected analysis, forecast of effects

Energy review:

Calculation and analysis of energy indicators, forecasting of energy consumption; register of energy significant objects; identification of improvement potentials; targets and objectives of the energy management system

Bank of ideas:

Ideas from employees of the enterprise in the field of energy efficiency



  • Audit

  • Factor analysis

  • Register of legislative and regulatory requirements

Internal and external audits:

Schedule of audits, detection of violations of legislation and energy efficiency standards (Federal law 261, ISO 50001, etc.), recommended corrective actions

Factor analysis:

Detailed analysis of energy-consuming equipment, calculation of standard (planned) consumption according to the technological process, analysis "previous actual versus current actual", "actual versus expected"; consolidated factor analysis of the technological process with the identification of the root causes of energy efficiency decline

Register of legislative and regulatory requirements

Classifier of normative-methodical documents (Orders, decrees of the Russian Federation; External state standards and norms; Register of requirements by departments)



  • Facilities energy profiles

  • Benchmarking

  • Tariffs for fuel and energy resources

Facilities energy profiles:

Register of facilities and equipment; energy passport of the facility


Comparative analysis of the specific consumption of energy resources by technological processes in comparison to similar enterprises

Tariffs for fuel and energy resources:

Current tariffs for energy resources by type and category of energy, regions, tariff forecast



  • Electricity consumption

  • Best Technologies

  • Human Resources

Energy consumption monitoring:

Accounting of energy consumption data (automatically by consumption meters), by indirect indicators (distribution of summarized consumption data for several objects according to a given logic), manually); calculation of specific indicators of energy consumption depending on the production process, modes and operating conditions of energy-consuming equipment; building an Energy Baseline

Database of the best technologies:

Well-developed solutions in the field of energy efficiency with a description of costs, effects, payback

Energy Efficiency Human Resources:

Organizational structure, resume, training programs, etc.


Interface Example