Field service

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About the solution

Information system for the operational management of field service teams (field personnel) using mobile devices based on the Android OS and augmented reality glasses. The system allows you to automate the processes of planning work, dispatching work, managing orders, monitoring teams, quality and safety of work.

Service capabilities

  • Management of orders and service level

  • GPS monitoring

  • Checklists

  • Employee mobile app

  • Field personnel control

  • Scheduling

  • Equipment accounting and repair management

  • Analytics and reporting

    Why us?

      • 1
        100% control of field workers
      • 2
        Ability to create checklists
      • 3
        Intuitive interface
      • 4
        Transparent pricing
      • 5
        Possibility of individual modifications

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    Leave an inquiry

More about the solution

  • A single interface to manage all service information
  • Quick access to information, schedules and other processes
  • Automation of repetitive processes, service routing and archive of work record journals
  • Contact management to store all customer and supplier information
  • Possibility to make price offers for the cost of planned work
  • Work order management and employee performance monitoring
  • Service request dispatching 24/7
  • Ability to use augmented reality (AR) glasses to perform non-standard tasks

Based on the workflow steps job is assigned to the Contractor.


The sequence of operations is set, the need for photo and video recording of the actions performed


For each operation, prompts are created, which may contain photos and videos.


Before starting work, the contractor sees a list of all operations and the order in which they are performed.


Before performing the operation, the contractor sees the requirements and recommendations for performing actions.


Performing an operation in accordance with a given sequence with fixing the results and time of work.


During a video call, an expert can:

  • point to objects
  • show schemes and diagrams
  • display text prompts

Monitoring the status of work performed by teams.


Displaying the location of teams on the map.


Formation of a report based on the results of the work or sending the results to external systems.

Who is our solution for?

  • Efficient schedule management

  • Location control of field service teams

  • Register of resources needed for each team

  • History of work performed for each object

  • Register of typical workflow steps lists and checklists

  • Managing the execution of multi-stage works