Solution: The FSM AR. one system implemented by RCS-Systems became a reliable and convenient tool for the company’s specialists in managing mobile work crews. The system consists of a web application for dispatchers and a mobile application for field technicians. The web application enables dispatchers to create work orders and assign technicians. Each assigned work order includes a detailed technological map outlining the sequence and scope of work, photo prompts, data on each equipment unit, and mandatory photo or video documentation of completed actions at each stage. The mobile application can be installed on Android devices or augmented reality glasses. Technicians receive assignments instantly with comprehensive guidance for completion. If necessary, technicians can connect via video with remote experts for consultations. The expert can see everything the technician sees and guide their actions. All work completion reports are automatically generated.

Mobile Workforce Management: Safety and Efficiency in an Electric Power Company

Challenge: A large electric power company aimed to eliminate workplace injuries and reduce costs associated with mobile crews.
Result: By using the system, the company achieved its goal of zero workplace injuries. Costs from production accidents caused by human error were reduced by 47%. The user-friendly remote support functionality for technicians decreased travel expenses by 27% and lowered service contract costs with equipment manufacturers by 8%.
Reduction in Accident Costs
Reduction in Travel Expenses
Reduction in Service Contract Costs