Solution: The Digital Twin solution from RCS-Systems was rapidly deployed. Integrating with all existing systems within the facility allowed for the automated population of the digital twin with production data. Leaders at every level gained real-time visibility into production processes in their area of responsibility and could track the dynamics of their department’s KPIs. The system facilitated swift identification of root problems with just a few clicks, enabling immediate action.

How a Steel Company Achieved a 30% Reduction in Operating Costs

Challenge: A major steel company set out to create a complete digital twin of one of its facilities. The goal was to improve operational efficiency by aggregating reliable information from different sources and presenting it on a single screen.
Result: By utilizing the system, the company was able to increase equipment utilization by 12%, reduce capital expenditures by 10%, and achieve a remarkable 30% reduction in operating costs.
Increased Equipment Utilization
Reduced Capital Expenditures
Reduced Operating Costs