Solution: Implementing a unified energy efficiency and carbon footprint management system fully compliant with ISO 50001 standard provided the client’s specialists with a reliable picture of energy consumption at all process levels in all departments. It allowed for reducing response time to energy parameter deviations and selecting targeted measures through automatic analysis and planning by the system. The system helped to identify hidden points for optimizing energy resource consumption, improve the quality of management decisions, and reduce the cost of implementing energy efficiency measures.

Energy Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Industry: Reducing Costs and Carbon Footprint

Challenge: A major oil and gas company aimed to reduce production costs by optimizing energy expenditures across all technological processes, including purchased and self-generated electricity, gas, heat, etc. They also wanted to optimize carbon dioxide emissions and minimize all carbon footprint-related expenses.
Result: In the very first year of using the system, the client achieved a 5.6% reduction in energy consumption. In subsequent years of operation, energy consumption reduction has remained at 4-5% per year. Overall CO2 equivalent emissions have been reduced by 16%, and payments for fines from the energy efficiency regulator have been reduced by 27%.
decrease in URE
reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions
reduction in fine payments