Solution: The challenge was addressed by implementing the RealMaint APM system from RCS-Systems, enabling the company’s specialists to perform reliability analysis on production assets, evaluate their actual technical condition, define maintenance and repair strategies, and automatically generate optimal maintenance and repair schedules, taking into account technological, financial, and resource constraints. This solution leveraged international methodologies like RCM, FMEA/FMECA, RCA, and PLA, as well as internally developed methods.

Enhancing Equipment Reliability: An Oil Company’s Success Story

Сhallenge: A leading oil company sought to reduce costs associated with unplanned and emergency equipment repairs and downtime, as well as lower maintenance and repair (M&R) expenses.
Result: By implementing optimized repair plans across all departments, the company achieved a 27% reduction in M&R costs, a 15% decrease in equipment downtime, and a 25% reduction in emergency losses.
Reduction in M&R
Reduction in equipment downtime
Reduction in emergency losse