What are augmented reality glasses. How and where are they used?

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to supplement the real world with a variety of digital objects. With its help, you can translate text from any objects, be it road signs or menus in a restaurant, or visualize how the furniture from the catalog will fit into your interior. In production, this technology allows you to optimize logistics, control production processes and monitor the quality and timeliness of maintenance.

Augmented reality technology works only with certain devices. These can be smartphones, PCs, tablets, laptops or augmented reality glasses. The latter have gained popularity due to convenience and a more realistic feel you get while using them. At the same time they can perform the functions of GPS, Internet browser and an organizer.

Such glasses are usually quite light and compact, many models can even look like ordinary sunglasses. However, their dimensions can be significantly increased if powerful electronics are built into the device, which is necessary to perform a number of specific tasks.

Augmented reality glasses consist of two pairs of lenses and a mini-computer with its own processor and RAM, connected by a special device of communication. This design does not tie the user to additional equipment at all and does not limit his movements in any way. At the same time, if desired, glasses can be connected to programs that involve sharing.

Additionally, the device is equipped with a variety of transducers and sensors, the number of which determines not only the efficiency and usefulness of the transmitted data, but also the final cost of the device. Usually the standard equipment includes:

· accelerometer;
· gyroscope;
· proximity sensor;
· IPD sensor.

Among the functions of smart glasses is the ability to create a virtual screen on any suitable physical object, recognition of objects and markers. Some provide the function of projecting three-dimensional models and diagrams onto the surface, as well as a whole set of other useful tools, which makes it possible to use augmented reality glasses for professional purposes.
How do augmented reality glasses work
Using glasses with AR technology does not require special skills. The device must be charged, turned on and fixed on the head in a comfortable position. Next, you need to select the action you are interested in from the menu. In the case of paired work with other devices, you must first connect it to the control device and set up smart glasses and all the equipment involved in further work.

Augmented reality glasses are used not only in the gaming field, which allows you to experience a storm of emotions. They are also used to train schoolchildren, students, as well as certain categories of specialists, for example, pilots who, with the help of glasses, practice landing techniques in difficult and extreme conditions.

An experienced professional with the help of AR glasses can master their skills while doing their job. To do this, it is enough to bring the necessary information (for example, an assembly manual or a sequence of repairs) in front of you and, in the process of performing a specific task, check with it.

The real era of augmented reality glasses is yet to come. There is already a huge potential for them not only to be used exclusively at home, but also to be included in the work processes of entire enterprises in the field of medicine, construction, design and sales. It is expected that in the next 5−10 years, augmented reality technologies will make a real breakthrough.