Field service workers and their management

Field service workers are those specialists whose work takes place mainly away from the company ("in the field") or directly at the customer’s place. These include realtors, plumbers, cleaners, construction workers, insurance agents and all those who are not tied to one physical place of work, but travel to one or more objects daily. It can be both individual specialists and entire teams.

The dynamics of working conditions and the current state of the economy are changing rapidly. As a result, companies are increasingly leaning towards mobile workers. Analysts predict that by 2022 the number of mobile workers will increase to about 2 billion people worldwide.

Today, mobile professionals also include freelancers, contractors, and even full-time employees who interact with the company and carry out their professional duties remotely using modern technologies, various smart devices, laptops or computers. A significant role in the development of this was played by the coronavirus pandemic, as a result of which almost every Russian company was able to experience the features of remote work on their own.

An important feature of field personnel is the ability to show their efficiency and professionalism in various conditions, navigate even the most severe and unpredictable circumstances and be prepared for any unforeseen situations. An experienced field specialist is always productive, efficient and prepared.

At the same time, on the part of the management, it is important to provide mobile teams or individual employees with equal opportunities compared to those whose labor activity takes place in an office environment. Such a specialist should be able to connect to working tools at any time, have access to technologies or data necessary to perform their direct duties from any geographical location. In this regard, business owners are increasingly faced with the problem of organizing management and control of mobile employees, especially if their staff is large and the manager in the office needs to process a huge amount of information every day.
Mobile workforce management
Managing mobile workers will become much simpler and easier with the help of specialized services and technologies that allow you to provide mobile employees with comfortable conditions for the effective implementation of their work duties, and for managers and supervisors to monitor and correct their actions online. At the same time, all the information on an object or a specific client is stored, which provides wide opportunities for the formation of analytical conclusions, which later help the manager to make well advised decisions.

Today we offer completely ready solutions that have been developed on the basis of modern technologies. Companies only need to connect to the system, after which they can immediately start using it. So, if earlier field service workers did not have a connection with the office throughout the working day and submitted a report only at the end of the shift, today you can transfer information through CRM directly in real time. This ensures that employees have access to the necessary data, even if they are already on the service call, and the manager can give timely feedback and adjust the work plan or workflow steps, which will not miss deadlines.

At the same time, field service employees do not need to carry additional equipment with them — the software is installed on their work gadget (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and is always at hand. Organizations whose activities, among other things, are related to managing field service teams, have already been able to appreciate the full value of the offered solutions for mobile workers. Do you want to learn more about how you can help your teams work more efficiently? Contact our manager.