Increasing energy efficiency of an enterprise

Energy efficiency is rational use of energy resources. The competitiveness of an enterprise largely depends on this indicator, and, as a result, the market share that the company can occupy, since in some areas energy costs make up 15-40% of the cost of production. Every year the importance of this criterion is only growing, which is directly related to the constant rise in the price of energy resources. Energy performance optimization significantly affects the profitability of an organization and saves 20-25% of energy resources per year.

Energy performance indicators

Energy performance indicators include setting of the specific consumption of energy resources:

1. to release products;

2. specific stages of production;

3. separate technological processes.

Also, energy performance can be calculated separately for each piece of equipment used in production.

The level of energy efficiency is determined in the audit process. During audit the systems of consumption of energy resources and individual equipment available in the company are analyzed, it is assessed how efficiently technological processes are organized in terms of energy consumption. It also analyzes the conditions of the contract on which interaction with energy suppliers takes place.

Often the data obtained does not satisfy the owners of the enterprise. There may be several reasons for this.

Causes of insufficient energy performance of the enterprise

1.       Organizational and operational factors. This includes non-compliance by personnel with the requirements for the operation of equipment, the poor quality of repairs carried out, insufficient control by management, and sometimes the complete absence of an accounting system.

2.       Using raw materials of inadequate quality. This often happens when the enterprise does not have input control of resources that come from outside the company or it functions inefficiently. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary that control is being carried out sequentially by three structures: the logistics department, the quality department and the personnel directly interacting with the raw materials.

3.       The presence of technological problems at the enterprise. Obsolete equipment with a low level of efficiency, as well as the unsatisfactory condition of both production equipment and buildings, power networks and other enterprise infrastructure inevitably lead to a decrease in energy performance. If problems of this kind are identified, it is important to determine energy savings measures and strictly follow the plans.

How to improve energy performance of an enterprise

Based on the audit and the problems and weaknesses identified with its help, the next step is to proceed to the development of a strategy to improve the energy performance of the enterprise. As a rule, adjustments start with the most energy-consuming sectors, for which the data for the past year should be evaluated.  

A modern option for improving the energy performance of an enterprise is the introduction of integrated automation of power equipment. Today, solutions have been developed that allow you to quickly track performance indicators, compile and analyze the energy balance of an enterprise, conduct statistical analysis and predict future costs.

Tools for automating energy accounting in order to improve energy performance of an enterprise show real consumption of energy resources. This helps not only to save energy in the production process, but also to avoid fines for excessive energy consumption. Based on objective statistics, it is easy to plan and predict further resource consumption.